Platinum Angels Management - Founders photoshoot
Emmanuelle photoshoot
Platinum Angels Management - Model photoshoot
Drunken farmer Food & Beverage photoshoot
Yanqiu portrait photoshoot
VOILAH festival
Ophelie Photoshoot
Estelle portrait photoshoot
Le Vin Levain Dining concept @ Tiong Bahru Bakery
Pétronille @ Piaget Photoshoot
Jessy photoshoot
Winery Deuric photoshoot
Bamboo Bowls chefs photoshoot
Bamboo Bowls food photoshoot
CodaShop Photoshoot
Tiong Bahru Bakery Food Photoshoot
Beatrice Andre-Besse - PAM Agency
CARTIER Exhibition @ Alliance Francaise SG
IVF World Championship 2022 Time Trial at Singapore
CARTIER portrait initiative
Chef Alan Chan at Capella Hotel
PIVENE photoshoot
WineAdventure photoshoot
Eso Torra Design Photoshoot
Guillaume Portrait
Estelle Pro Coach Photoshoot
Fred Pro & Fashion Photoshoot
Clos Pasoh Restaurant by Chef Louis Pacquelin
Eleonore Studio Photoshoot
Jana Studio Pro & Fun Photoshoot
Palem - Fashion Photoshoot
Auto portrait
Celine Photoshoot
Shala Photoshoot Singapore
Metro under construction
Les Amis Restaurant by Chef Sebastien Lepinoy
Vianney Massot Restaurant
The Theater Factory Play & Portraits
Father & Son
LASVIT chandelier - Bangkok
Andra Raw portrait
Gado Gado Branding Photoshoot - Bali
LASVIT Photoshoot Spa Sofitel Singapore
Portrait of a Champion
IAM concert by figure8
LASVIT Photoshoot - Bangkok
Allison portrait
Singapore Ocean Cup Race
Hawaiki Nui Va'a - Race
Veronice Helmut Newton Inspiration
Hawaiki Nui Va'a - Preparation
Ibeyi concert
Jessica Photoshoot
Amadou & Miriam concert
Chef Sebastien Lepinoy
Coucou restaurant food photoshoot
OSO restaurant - Food Photoshoot
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