Baghera Wine - Wine O Clock #2 @ SG
Radha Photoshoot
Chef Louis Pacquelin & Clos Pasoh Restaurant
Beatrice Andre-Besse - PAM Agency
Head Chef Eric Neo, Capella Hotel Singapore
Nolwen portrait
Andrew photoshoot
Ophelie Photoshoot
Shala Photoshoot Singapore
Estelle portrait photoshoot
Yanqiu portrait photoshoot
Platinum Angels Management - Founders photoshoot
Les Amis Restaurant by Chef Sebastien Lepinoy
Gado Gado Branding Photoshoot - Bali
Fred Pro & Fashion Photoshoot
BambooBowls chefs,Bjorn Shen,Mano Tevar,Justin Hammond 
PIVENE photoshoot
Chef Alan Chan at Capella Hotel
Clos Pasoh Restaurant by Chef Louis Pacquelin
Platinum Angels Management - Model photoshoot
Guillaume Portrait
Eleonore Studio Photoshoot
Jana Studio Pro & Fun Photoshoot
Emmanuelle photoshoot
Celine Photoshoot
Metro under construction
CARTIER Exhibition @ Alliance Francaise SG
CARTIER portrait initiative
Vianney Massot Restaurant
The Theater Factory Play & Portraits
Father & Son
LASVIT chandelier - Bangkok
WineAdventure photoshoot
Andra Raw portrait
LASVIT Photoshoot Spa Sofitel Singapore
Portrait of a Champion
IAM concert by figure8
LASVIT Photoshoot - Bangkok
Singapore Ocean Cup Race
Hawaiki Nui Va'a - Race
Veronice Helmut Newton Inspiration
Hawaiki Nui Va'a - Preparation
Ibeyi concert
Jessica Photoshoot
Amadou & Miriam concert
Chef Sebastien Lepinoy
Bamboo Bowls food photoshoot
Coucou restaurant food photoshoot
OSO restaurant - Food Photoshoot
Le Vin Levain Dining concept @ Tiong Bahru Bakery
Pétronille @ Piaget Photoshoot
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